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English Language is the third most spoken language in the world, with 360 million-odd native English speakers and a half billion people who speak it as a second language.
WiLLies English offers job opportunities to tutors who aspire to work in the comfort of their home with flexible working hours.

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WiLLies English mainly caters to Japanese students and all classes are handled on Skype and Zoom platforms. We have four main courses offered to our Japanese clients. These are Business, High School, Junior High and Kids courses.


This course is offered to our clients eager to improve their English communication skills to converse and transact businesses effectively. Communication is important within the business. Effective communication is vital for any business owner and employees. The success at getting your point across can be the difference between sealing a deal and missing out on a potential opportunity. This can also help foster a good working relationship between you and your employees, which can in turn improve morale and efficiency.

We also provide tutoring classes to clients who are preparing for the TOEIC tests. TOEIC stands for the Test of English for International Communication. TOEIC is a North American Business English exam, but developed primarily in Japan in the 1970s. It is designed to test the ability of candidates to communicate in everyday situations in an English speaking international working environment.

High School

Our High School course is tailored fit for the needs of our clients preparing for University entrance exams as well as practicing their English proficiency in a daily basis. The National Center Test for University Admissions is a type of standardized test used by public and some private universities in Japan, this has become a national phenomenon in the country, with television coverage and newspapers publishing test questions.

Communication is an important skill for students to master to prepare for the greater competition in colleges and among students, make improving student's communication skills a must. Squeezing lessons the night before a big interview won’t do the job if students are trying to make an impression in the collaborative workplaces of the future. When it comes to acquiring indispensable communication skills, there’s no time like now, students have to learn the foundational elements of conversation.

Junior High

Junior High course is purely selected to help our students practice English at home after a day full of school and out of school activities. Middle school schedules can get extremely busy but we are here to fill in the gap by providing them the lessons that they need to improve their communication skills at their most convenient time.

Middle school is a time of "first" for most kids: first school dances, first sports banquets, confirmations and many more. These experiences have a social component, middle schooler wants to be heard and understood and they want to be taken seriously. Our teachers are good example for kids by being a good listeners and gracious communicators.


This course is offered to Kids. The parents can start preparing their kids to improve their communication skills as early as possible. Speech, language and communication skills are vital for a child to learn. The early years is essential to supporting speech and language development.

Children with different speech and language abilities will need different support to help them to be able to listen and understand the information given to them, learn a range of new words and use them correctly. WiLLies English uses We Can series, Phonics and Kiku Tan books to be able to communicate just right for Kids. Our teachers are passionate, they love to teach Kids, entertain them and effectively improving their communication skills.

Students Testimonies

"I don't know much about it, but I think Emma-sensei, who happened to be the first person, was very polite and suited to my daughter."Sometimes the connection gets worse, so I would appreciate it if you could improve it.I would like to continue for a long time."

"Thank you for always smiling and advancing Lesson!I think it's hard to understand what we want to say, but I hope you will be able to speak like a friend someday."

"It's only been a week since I started it, but I feel that the regular lesson for my homeroom teacher is very good.First of all, I would like to make efforts to improve my English ability with the aim of continuing for six months to one year."

"I've been using Willies English intermittently for more than three years, but I feel that I'm a reliable school to answer and respond to these questions and questions.It's also good that it's improved every year and is easier to use.I feel relieved that Teacher Lovey, who's been taking care of me now, always recommends lessons in a cheerful mood with jokes and humor, even if I'm nervous about talking to people."

"Teacher Elaine is taking care of my first-grade son. My son learns martial arts and is busy in the evening, so he always gives lessons on the morning before going to elementary school.It's a very bright and quick lesson, and thanks to your teacher's instruction, my son's English ability has improved.My son has also passed the Bronze and Silver level of the English Language Proficiency Test, and I'm thinking of taking the fifth grade of the English Language Proficiency Test this year.Thank you in advance."

"I like being at home. WiLLies English makes me feel like learning at a cram school in town. It is very nice. You can feel your personality and beliefs. Also, the choice of text is the best. I've been studying at rare job for three years and have been taking a bit of online English conversation, but this is where I was looking. I love the fact that MJ answered detailed questions patiently."

"Just like learning musical instruments, I think it takes time and effort to master English. In four months, I think it's short, but I'd like to ask the teacher if my English ability is improving even a little bit by bit. I've only taken a lesson from Ms Angel.In order to improve my English skills, I would like to ask you to teach me various methods of study. I don't know when to take another teacher's class, so I've only taken four months of Angel's lesson. Ms. Angel's lesson is fun, and I have never wanted to change it since it's learning. Please advise."

"Lovey's lesson is really fun, and my daughter loves it. They are good at teaching, and they take in games and songs, and they do their best not to get bored with my daughter.Besides lessons, it's interesting to talk about the Philippines and your family. Thank you in advance."

"Every teacher is a good teacher after joining, but when you want to be in charge, there are quite a few teachers who can choose to be in charge, and it is disappointing that there are only a limited number of teachers who can teach We can. The Filipino support staff will contact me immediately when I am irregular and I am satisfied with the polite email from the Japanese staff."

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