Intensive Listening and Speaking Course

Upper Level
Title Category
1 The Most Cutting-Edge Space Companies In The World. Technology
2 The Benefits of Fusion Energy. Technology
3 What effect will Metaverse have on our work Technology
4 5G and 6G Technology
5 Solid State Battery Technology
6 Self-Driving Car Technology
7 Flying Cars Technology
8 Quantum Computing Technology
9 Facebook Stock Price down News
10 Cost of living crisis Relying on food handouts and moving country. News
11 Handguns Canada proposes a complete freeze on ownership. News
12 Opening Japans Black Box immigration system News
13 The anti-Russian sentiment is increasing in the United States. News
14 A glorious way of eating in Greece. News
15 How self-deception allows people to lie. News
16 Russian oil EU agrees compromise deal on banning imports News
17 Extraordinary young leaders who are redefining our communities for the better. Leaders
18 Why should we all know about Ghandi? Leaders
19 Why should we all know about Nelson Mandela? Leaders
20 6 English speaking countries Travel
21 USA - Cultural Tips Travel
22 USA - Practical Tips Travel
23 What Are Some Practical Benefits of Regular Weight Training Life

All Level
Title Category
1 The Future of Education News
2 The Future of Healthcare News
3 Ukraine and Russia News
4 Global Warming and Climate Change News
5 The presence of satellites threatens to distort our view of the night sky. News
6 The practical implications of the four-day workweek. News
7 Workcations a travel trend that combines work and pleasure News
8 Is it necessary to eat three times a day News
9 Japan will reopen its doors to overseas visitors. News
10 Art by the ocean. News
11 France No more doggies in the window News
12 Pandemic trash turned into art. News
13 Sharing Japanese sweets with the world News
14 Sky show How to see the northern lights in Iceland. News
15 What did Shinzo Abe mean to Japan News
16 American Food Beyond McDonalds Food
17 Different Pizza Styles in America Food
18 American Desert Food
19 American BBQ Food
20 Joe's Stone Restaurant Food
21 The five best restaurants in Hawaii. Food
22 The six best restaurants in NY. Food
23 The five best restaurants in LA. Food
24 USA - Northeast Travel
25 USA - South Travel
26 Top 10 Places You Should Visit in Australia Travel
27 How Should Beginners Train Life